Richard A. Stone is most recently the founder of Mayflower Event News, an information platform devoted to stories related to the Mayflower and Mayflower II. A graduate of Harvard (BA Economics) and the University of California, Los Angeles (MA Journalism), he worked for decades with America’s premier media groups.

Stone first joined NBC Radio and then moved to the TV side where, in addition to entertainment content, he sold sponsorships for the nightly news and the Olympics. After seven years there, he spent eight years at HBO as the network became a creative force in New York and Hollywood. When its parent company Time Inc. launched TV Cable Week, a print magazine modeled on People, he was part of the management team on the masthead.

ESPN then hired Stone to design, launch, and manage international sports networks for thirteen years. He was subsequently hired by the Canadian Football League to represent it to media outlets worldwide outside of Canada.

Originally from Southern California, he now lives in Connecticut.