MAYFLOWER will celebrate her 400th Anniversary in 2020 in Boston, Plymouth, Provincetown, Mystic and Pasadena.

Mayflower is a “Rock Star” in American history. In 1620 she brought passengers from Europe seeking a better life in the New World. In 2020 – 400 years later – more than 30 million Americans can trace their roots to that historic voyage.

Mayflower events are organized by various groups that have a common focus:  Mayflower. The events are connected with each other in a manner similar to a sports league featuring independent teams and events that are marketed to the public under a common umbrella. Think PGA or NASCAR.  Travelers, friends, fans and families want to know where and when they can see the star attraction: Mayflower.

Starting Labor Day Weekend 2019 and throughout 2020, she will be on tour to perform and meet her fans. Her performances will include inviting people to come aboard and explore her small but mighty frame and design. She will sail into Boston Harbor with the USS Constitution, and then they will dock together. She will tell the story of the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown. Her Official Launch will occur at Mystic Seaport, which she will call home during the winter. And she will return to Plymouth and Plimoth over Memorial Day Weekend 2020 for a spectacular homecoming.

New Year’s Day 2020 the Mayflower will kick-off her 400th Anniversary by floating down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California, at America’s most iconic New Year’s Day Parade.

Mayflower will be celebrated throughout 2020 at Special Events that are designed to inspire the imagination, illuminate the past and offer perspective on the future.   Visitors from the United States and around the world are invited to watch her sail and come on board in Boston, Plymouth and Provincetown, Massachusetts, as well as at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

Admission to most events will be FREE.

Plimoth Plantation – permanent home of the Mayflower – is a driving force in the many 400th anniversary commemorations across New England and the Nation.  Thanksgiving began at Plimouth in Plymouth.

Plymouth 400, Inc.  is organizing events, activities and outreach that will celebrate Mayflower as “An American Story – A National Legacy.”

Provincetown 400  has organized a spectacular series of festivals and events, with a special focus on the Mayflower Compact.

Boston will host the historic sailing of Mayflower and the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor during Sailing Mayflower 2020

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is underwriting many of the major Mayflower 400 events throughout the State.

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