The Wicked Pilgrim

Warwick Charlton 

The dramatic true story behind the building of Mayflower II

The Englishman who gave Mayflower II to the American People.

The ship Mayflower is a national treasure like the Statue of Liberty.  

It has a deep meaning to most Americans because it speaks to our collective history as immigrants.  

In 1620 the iconic ship brought passengers from Europe to “the New World” seeking a better life.

In 2020 – 400 years later – more than 30 million Americans can trace their roots to that historic voyage.

The Wicked Pilgrim is the dramatic true story of how a historically accurate replica of that famous ship was built in the 1950’s .

Mayflower II is the product of transatlantic competition and collaboration between two men of bold vision and determination: Warwick Charlton (British) and Henry Hornblower II (American).  Each man wanted to build a replica of the 1620 ship in the 1950s, but for different reasons.

Their story is the subject of The Wicked Pilgrim.