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FROM TIMBER TO TITAN: The Remarkable Voyage of the Other Mayflower

There’s another Mayflower story … not the 1620 Pilgrim version taught in schools but one that’s been covered up.

FROM TIMBER TO TITAN: The Remarkable Voyage of the Other Mayflower  by Richard Stone begins in 1942 on World War II battlefields when democracy was under attack, not 400 years ago when colonists sought new liberties.  A British soldier lived through that horror and after the war came up with a big idea to honor American sacrifice, was told it would never work and then against all odds achieved success.  His gift of Mayflower II was delivered with global acclaim in 1957, only to be invaded a few years later by Native Americans demanding recognition for their contributions to the nation.   Ironically, the second Mayflower gave voice to the first National Day of Mourning, now celebrated annually since 1970.  The ship’s remarkable story was buried for decades but has now been unearthed.  While some wish it would remain hidden, the U.S. Government disagreed and declared Mayflower II a national treasure in 2020. There’s more here than meets the eye.

Photo on book cover:  B. Anthony Stewart/National Geographic Creative.

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