Mayflower Treasure Chests


Mayflower II has secrets.  While award winning author Nathanial Philbrick was saying that the replica was “a famous ship in her own right” on September 7, 2019, the company hired to move a new ship’s bell from Plimoth Plantation to the Mystic Seaport Museum published a photo it thought showed a similar transport in 1957.  Indeed, there was a shipping crate similar to the one used in 2019 for the new chime, but it did not hold a bell.  What did it carry?

The photos Murphy Movers published on its internet blog for September 6, 2019, showed a large crate being loaded onto a huge van and then driven off.  On the back door of the truck were the words, “Riding Safely Inside, TREASURE CHESTS from MAYFLOWER II.” 

Treasure Chests?  Did the second Mayflower carry secret cargo?  What was it?   What was inside the chests? The blog image said “1957” and “Photos copyright 2019 Plimoth Plantation.”

mayflower-ii-bell-delivery-1957-plymouth-massachusetts.jpg (1024×536) (

Had the mover inadvertently published photos not meant to be shown publicly?

Who were the men in suits and proper hats watching the transfer with their hands on their hips? Were they government agents? Why the mystery?

The photo also instructed internet blog readers to “Follow @officialmayflower on Instagram.”  I have looked but I can’t find the photo Murphy Movers published.  Can you?

There’s more here than meets the eye.  The second Mayflower has secrets.