Mayflower Posters

Original Mayflower Poster Art

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Bon Voyage

Emmwood, one of Britain’s most famous cartoonists, gave Warwick Charlton this illustration for a souvenir edition of Mayflower Mail. It depicts three famous Englishmen – Sir Walter Raleigh, Admiral Lord Nelson and Sir Winston Churchill waving Mayflower II away towards the Statue of Liberty on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.


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HMS Ark Royal crossed paths with Mayflower II on her voyage to America in 1957.


Richard Preston, Massachusetts’ Commissioner of Commerce, evidently felt that “Commerce” was not a dirty word and supported Warwick Charlton’s endeavor.


Warwick Charlton commissioned the Staffordshire pottery firm of William Adams & Sons to produce a set of Mayflower dining china in 1957. Henry Hornblower II and his colleagues dined on these plates on their visits to the Wig and Pen Club in London, a Charlton favorite.


Telegram from Warwick Charlton handing over Mayflower II to the care of Henry Hornblower II the President of the Plimoth Plantation. November 25, 1957.

Bill of Sale 

Bill of Sale. The transfer of Mayflower II to Plimoth Plantation for the nominal sum of $1. September 16, 1957.

Here She Is!

Here She Is! As soon a Mayflower II emerged from drydock Warwick Charlton had this picture on the front page of another edition on Mayflower Mail. 1957 (No. 4).


Warwick Charlton’s manager kept him on the lonely road sharing his Mayflower II adventure with one audience after another.