Mayflower 1957

Atlantic Crossing – 1957

Mayflower II set sail from Brixham, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts on April 20, 1957.   When she arrived in Plymouth on June 13, 1957, it seemed as if the entire town had taken the day off to cheer its new ship into Plymouth Harbor.

Mayflower II arrives in 1957 Plymouth, Massachusetts. TV coverage.

Sailing across the Atlantic in much the say manner as the original Mayflower did in 1620, the 34 man crew had the adventure of a lifetime.  Many of these crewmen kept journals of their time at sea and record frightening storms.  Learn more about Crew Journals. 

Voyage of Mayflower II in 1957. Video

The ship, a reproduction of the square-rigged vessel that brought the Pilgrims to America in 1620, was the dream of Warwick Charlton, a public relations executive who wanted to commemorate the lasting cooperation between the United States and Great Britain during and after World War II.

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