MAYFLOWER Events Calendar

Find events on the calendar at the bottom of each page, or by clicking on an event listed below.  Details include date, time, location, organizer, event description and more.

Mayflower Bell Casting Plymouth, MA (8-31 to 9-1-19)

Mayflower Launch Mystic, CT (9-7-19)

Embarkation Day Various U.S. Locations (9-16-19)

Mayflower and Cape Cod Tour  Plymouth, MA (9-21-19

Humor For Humanity with Jimmy Tingle Provincetown, MA (9-19-19)

Wampanoag Peoples Day Plymouth and Provincetown, MA (10-12-19)

California Mayflower Society Meetings Irvine, CA (10-18-19)

Mayflower Compact Day Various U.S. Locations (11-12-19)

Illuminate Boston, Lincolnshire, England United Kingdom (11-21-19)

Illuminate Thanksgiving USA Plymouth, MA (11-23-19)

Lighting of Pilgrim Monument Provincetown, MA (11-27-19)

International Mayflower 400 Opening Events United Kingdom (11-28 to 12-1-19)

Rose Parade Mayflower Float Pasadena, CA, USA (1-1-2020)

400 Years Since Plymouth  New York City, USA (1-4-2020)

Leiden Pilgrim Fathers Arrival Day  Leiden, Netherlands (2-12-2020)

Pilgrims to America 1620 – 2020  Leiden, Netherlands (3-13 to 6-21-2020)

Plymouth 400 Opening Ceremony Plymouth, MA (4-24-2020) Live TV Coverage + Online

First Americans:  Honoring Indigenous Resilience and Creativity Leiden, Netherlands (5-1 to 12-31-2020)

Mayflower Sails Boston 2020 Boston, MA (5-14/19-2020) Streaming Online Coverage

Mayflower Plymouth Homecoming Plymouth, MA (5-21/25-2020)

Plymouth Maritime Salute Plymouth Harbor, MA (6-27/28-2020) Streaming Online Coverage

Wampanoag Ancestors Walk Plymouth, MA (8-1-2020)

The Pilgrims and the Politics of Memory Leiden, Netherlands (8-26/28-2020)

Mayflower Autonomous Ships Departs  Plymouth, England (9-6-2020)

Mayflower Provincetown Port Visit Provincetown, MA (9-7/14-2020)

Mayflower Gala Provincetown, MA (9-12-2020)

Mayflower Descendants Visit Provincetown Provincetown, MA (9-13-2020)

Mayflower Sunrise Departure Provincetown, MA (9-14-2020)

Official State House Salute to 400th Anniversary Boston, MA (9-14-2020)

Embarkation Festival Plymouth, MA (9-19-2020)

California Mayflower Exhibition Santa Ana, CA (10-3-2020)

Indigenous History Conference & Pow Wow Bridgewater, MA (10-29 to 11/1/2020)

Mayflower Compact 400th Anniversary Various U.S. Locations (11-11-2020)

Illuminate Thanksgiving USA Plymouth, MA (11-20/25-2020) Streaming Online Coverage