MAYFLOWER EVENT NEWS is a news and information website focused on events and activities related to the 400th Anniversary of the ship Mayflower in 2020. 

Mayflower events are organized by various groups who have a common focus:  the ship Mayflower.  The events are connected with each other in a manner similar to a sports league featuring independent teams and events that are marketed to the public under a common umbrella.  Mayflower Event News helps people know where and when they can see the star attraction: the ship Mayflower.   Educating the public about Mayflower’s lasting contributions is paramount.

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While all Americans know basic U.S. history, the vast majority of foreign travelers do not. Trajectory has created content and materials for a nationally recognized historic institution that re-tell iconic America history in a manner and style designed for foreign travelers, whether they speak English, Chinese or any other language. 

Trajectory Sports & Media Group, LLC, is not affiliated with any group organizing events and/or activities related to the 400th Anniversary of Mayflower in 2020.