1636:  Harvard College and Plimoth Grist Mill

Plimoth Plantation and Harvard College share an important year in history – 1636.

In Boston, Harvard College was founded and changed the way America nourished young minds and educated its future leaders.

In Plimoth, the colonists changed the way they fed their bodies when they built the Plimoth Grist Mill to grind corn, replacing hand-grinding with a machine run by water power.

Today, both institutions continue to thrive and remain true to their historic roots.

Plimoth Plantation’s Grist Mill shows tourists how America sustained itself nearly 400 years ago, and

Harvard College shows tourists where the world’s top scholars, scientists and leaders continue to be educated and trained.No trip to Harvard is complete until you re-connect with history at Plimoth Plantation.

After visiting Plimoth Plantation, travel to  Boston and visit Harvard.

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